Sunday dinner


Traditional Sour Roast

Waldorf salad, stir-fried cranberries, steamed vegetables and boiled potatoes

TOr. 285,-


Meatball in brown gravy

Stirred cranberries, cabbage stew and boiled potatoes

Kr 245, -

Steamed salmon fillet

Cucumber-vegetable salad, butter sauce and boiled potatoes

Kr 265, -

All dishes can be made in a smaller portion with a 20, - discount in the price

Children's menu (under 12 years)

All dishes can be made in child portions at half price

Sausage and french fries

Kr 88, -


Served with coffee or tea

Classic caramel pudding

Cognac cream, today's fruit and berries and caramel sauce

Kr 75, -


Queen Maud fromage

Served with fresh berries

Kr 75, -

Remember that you can always order food and take it home, or exactly wherever you want!