On the most important days of life, everything should work out

Wedding, baptism or confirmation? 50th birthday or silver wedding? The holidays in life are many, but they have one thing in common: They are important both in the moment and as memories in the years to come.

Bryne Kro & Hotell has extensive experience in arranging companies of all types. With us, your event is in safe hands!



On big days, the expectations are high for both you and your guests. Then coincidences should not be allowed to decide. Only when all the guests are happy, there has been a successful celebration. This is how we think.



The main character will hardly notice it, but we create the conditions for a dignified and solemn baptismal celebration. The company can be added to its own premises or to our pleasant restaurant, "Kroa".



We raise the flag to the top! No one should be in doubt that confirmation day is a proud holiday. We are helping to create the conditions for a one hundred percent successful celebration of the confirmant, and can offer various solutions both in terms of food / drink and choice of premises.


Memorial service

Not everything in life can be planned well in advance. Experience and capacity mean that we can receive small and larger groups at short notice and facilitate a dignified moment of remembrance. This can help to have a dignified end to a difficult day.

We have several choices within the implementation of such a gathering.


The premises

Lykteland is our largest party room and is often used for weddings and other parties. Here we can cover long tables for up to 100 people. In connection with the venue, you can freely use our popular bar, the Library.

Tuhod'l is ideal for smaller parties of up to 16 people.

Downstairs we have Lyngmarkjo and Myrbakkjen with room for up to 32 and 50 people respectively. Both rooms are directly connected to the garden.


Get in touch for a non-binding offer on tel. 51 77 75 00 or email: post@brynekro.no