Served in our restaurant Monday to Saturday from 17.00 - 21.00


Today's meat dish

New today's dish from kl. 16:00


Creamy fishsoup

Today's selected fish, shellfish and vegetables

Served with homemade bread and butter

Allergens: fish, milk, shellfish and molluscs
Allergen bread:
wheat, rye, oats, sesame and eggs

* Can get gluten-free bread

small NOK 149

large NOK 195


A taste of Jæren

Local cheeses and cured meats

Pickled apricot, aioli and homemade crispbread

Allergens: milk, oats, wheat, sesame and rye

* Can be made gluten free

1 pers kr 169, -

2 pers kr 299, -



Homemade chops, fried eggs, beets, pickles and potato salad

Served with salad on homemade bread

Allergens: wheat, milk, rye, eggs, sesame, oats and soy

* Can be made gluten free

kr 169, -



Spring roll served with salad, avocado cream, pine nuts and vinaigrette

Allergens: soy, gluten, wheat

kr 189, -


Poached cod

Today's vegetables, tomato compote, parsley sauce and fried potatoes

Allergens: fish, celery, eggs and mustard

kr 275, -

Desserts / Desserts


Honey and crocanile cake on oat bottom

Today's fruit and berries and caramel sauce

Allergens: milk, eggs, almonds and oats

kr 115, -



* All our dishes may contain traces of gluten, as we produce gluten-containing food in our kitchen /

All of our dishes may contain traces of gluten, as we produce food containing gluten in our kitchen