The Norwegian Pitch & Putt Association (NPPF) is an independent association with the purpose of organizing and promoting Pitch & Putt golf in Norway. NPPF initiates activities at associated golf courses. We are a recruitment channel for the sport of golf in Norway. A lower entry threshold (green card or club membership is not required) makes these golf courses available to more potential golfers than traditional courses do.


The Norwegian Pitch & Putt Association (NPPF) was founded on 10 June 2004 and today represents about 10 clubs / facilities in Norway. NPPF is a member of the European Pitch & Putt Association (EPPA) and takes part in a joint increased European commitment to Pitch & Putt golf. Since EPPA was formed in 1998 by 2 countries, the association currently has 8 member countries. These are Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, San Marino, Switzerland and Norway. Ireland is by far the largest member country with approx. 16,000 players and approx. 170 golf courses.

Official rules / guidelines

NPPF operates with the following official guidelines for Pitch & Putt - in accordance with the European Pitch & Putt Association (EPPA):

  1. The course must consist of 6, 9 or 18 holes (or multiple of this)
  2. Each hole should be par 3 holes. The holes should not be shorter than 23 meters or longer than 90 meters.
  3. The course must be open to everyone. No player shall be denied play on the basis of sex, age or physical condition.
  4. The rules for Pitch & Putt are the same as for official golf rules (The Rules of Golf as set down by the United States Golf Association) in all situations, with the following exceptions:
    • It must be played with only 3 golf clubs in the tournament, where one must be a putter.
    • If the player's ball is not on the green after 4 strokes, the ball must be picked up and placed on the nearest edge to the green (within a putter head from the edge). The player will then lie there on 5 strokes.
    • Use of tee (pegg) is not allowed in tournament play.

* (There is no requirement for a green card or club membership to use our course :))