Fitness center

Bryne Kro & Hotell offers all resident guests free access to the Sport4You center. This is a good alternative for you who like to train independently, the premises are centrally located, - in the middle of Bryne center (about 10min easy jogging from the hotel) and offers strength rooms with cardio machines and multipurpose hall etc. The center is partially unmanned, except Tuesdays between 17-20: 00 Age limit 16 years

Opening hours: 05:00 - 24:00 ALL days - Tel 99 31 68 85


The sand tongs

Sandtangen is a large and beautiful outdoor area, developed and made possible by several contributors. The hiking trail / Lysløype goes around Frøylandsvannet, and is used today by cyclists, avid joggers and hikers both with and without a dog.

There are many cozy benches along the road and there are both play equipment for the little ones and separate exercise parks for the exercisers.

The hiking trails are well lit and suitable for both prams and wheelchair users.

Sandtangen has several entrances, the nearest are about 15min walk from the hotel.

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